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Lisbon’s culture scene is extremely diverse, consistently giving its citizens the opportunity to participate in various different cultural events. From food and film festivals, Europe’s largest music events, fashion exhibitions, theatre and performing arts, and sports competitions, there is a lot of offer in Lisbon to fit every type of preference. Other than these more urban and modern cultural events, there are also the typical more traditional town festivals that attract several tourists and visitors.

Being the most western capital of Europe, overlooking the Tagus River (or Rio Tejo for the locals) with a few more than 500,000 habitants, Lisbon is the governmental, economic and cultural heart of Portugal. Therefore, we are sure visitors will find several venues for their Corporate and Meeting Events in Lisbon that date back several centuries.

Lisbon’s Portel Airport (LIS), only 4 miles away from Lisbon’s city center, is an international airport with flights from all around Europe and to the rest of the world. From North America to Tokyo and Australia, Portugal is your gateway to the rest of the world’s continents. Lisbon has great transportation including a subway system, which has 4 different lines, and a good network system of trams and buses.


7 Reasons to Plan your Corporate and Meeting Events in Lisbon, Cascais, Portugal

These 7 main reasons to have your Corporate and Meeting Events in Lisbon – Portugal, will have you quickly convinced to come to Portugal, where surely everyone will enjoy themselves.

1. Location- Cascais being on the coast and at the tip of Europe, offers you all the different types of terrains. If you enjoy the beach, then Cascais has some of the best beaches in the world. However, if you would like a more urban, contemporary vibe than you have got Lisbon’s city centre, which is very modern and just 15 minutes by car. And last but not least if you prefer the mountains and a more countryside vibe that can also be arranged with only a 10 min distance by car from Cascais center.

2. Weather- Living in a city with an average of 2,800 hours of sun a year in Europe is almost unheard of. However, Cascais offers you this and a lot more, with our winter being painted with blue skies and our summer having the most epic sunsets ever. Hardly ever having temperatures going below 10ºc, Cascais is a mild climate city, offering you the best possibilities for your events.

3. Culture & Sightseeing- There is so much to do in Lisbon, with activity after activity, monument after monument and exhibition after exhibition. If you prefer the outdoors there are also so many scenic views to visit and explore. A drink at night whilst enjoyng a quite night, or a gourmet dish at a restaurant, Cascais has always something special to offer every single taste.

4. Food & Wine- The food in Cascais is simply heavenly, and you will discover amazing dishes that will leave you mouth-watering. From freshly picked fish, to perfectly grilled meat, our typical dishes are sure to please everyone. Portuguese wines have been receiving several awards along the years, and have only been growing in recognition around the world. With some of the best vineyards, our white and red wines are amazing and extremely complementary to your Portuguese meals.

5. Budget- Given that Cascais has so much to offer you, the service quality and price relation is extremely beneficial. Offering you the same and sometimes even better quality services than in other cities, the price range is always very sympathetic and in a fair relation towards the type of service you receive.

6. Hospitality- With some of the best hotels, hotel universities, and hospitality etiquette, Cascais is sure to offer you the best hospitality service during your stay. The hotel’s staff is always very concerned towards its customers, and the Portuguese people in general are extremely helpful. Almost everyone in Portugal speaks English, and if they do not, they make sure they communicate in a different way or they call someone who can speak English.

7. Tourism Awards- Cascais has received several tourism prizes due to its excellence in terms of rich culture and excellence at hosting tourists from all over the world. Having such diverse activities and events to offer, with amazing prices, Cascais becomes a truly attractive and appealing city to visit.


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