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6 Reasons to choose a Wedding Destination

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This kind of weddings is booming for few years since it offers several advantages to the bride and groom and turn the organization easier. Here are some reasons of why the couples are choosing more and more a wedding destination and why sometimes it is better to get married abroad.

1)    Idyllic location

To have an even more memorable wedding pick up an amazing wedding destination depending on what you like, you can get married wherever you want. The most sought weddings are weddings by the sea, very popular thanks to the beauty of the surroundings and the sensation of being on vacation in tropical islands. You will be happy to have such a great wedding destination but you will also amaze your guests who would have probably never been to such a wedding or such a destination.

2)    Honey moon

In those beautiful surroundings, you and your guests can relax right after the wedding day and your honey moon begins. It is also an opportunity to share your honey moon and some quality time with your family and closer friends. You will have the most delightful entertainment with all the activities you can do with your love ones in the wedding destination.

3)    Family gathering

Most of the time people getting married abroad are couples from different nationalities so a wedding destination can be a compromise to gather both families in the same place, which is easier when your family live abroad or is spread all around the world, this way you reduce risk of family feuds.

4)    All in one place

Having a wedding abroad is easier since you can gather all you need in the same place! You have your wedding and your honey moon in the same place but you can also choose to make the whole wedding in the same place. Lots of couples choose Boutique Hotels Venues for their wedding, which make that their accommodation, wedding reception and even sometimes ceremony are in the same place, which prevents from long, costly, inconvenient transportation from one place to another. You can as well enjoy longer the beautiful of your wedding venue, whether it is a venue by the beach with an incredible sea view or a vintage wedding within a wonderful garden.

5)    Wedding planner

Have a wedding planner when you are getting married abroad is essential! Being in the wedding destination the wedding planner can deal with everything and you control at distance the organization for your wedding abroad being always in contact with your wedding planner! It is so much easier and cheaper since you don’t have to fly to your wedding destination several times to do everything by yourself, you remain stress free delegating the work to someone who knows exactly how to deal with a wedding organization and the location that you choose.

6)    Lower cost

With a wedding destination, most of the time your wedding would be more budget friendly. First gathering all in one place, you pay for one thing and save on transfer. You can also save on decoration since the main setting of your wedding on a wedding destination is the surrounding that you have to take the most advantages with for example a reception and a ceremony by the sea with a beautiful ocean view. Plus, combining your wedding with your honeymoon, you don’t have to pay both and enjoy earlier your stay in wonderful surroundings. Your wedding planner helps you as well to find the best suppliers at the best price and can negotiate to fit your budget.

7)    Fewer guests

Weddings destinations are perfect for an intimate wedding. You cannot invite all your guests on a wedding destination and some of them could not come anyway. Choosing a wedding destination force the guests to take some days off of work and pay extra cost with airfare, something that some of them can’t afford because of lack of time or children. Plus, some venue cannot host many people, the average number of guests on a wedding destination is 60, only close family and friends. Brides and grooms choosing a wedding destination are those who prefer intimate weddings.


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